The 8th China Air Finance Development (DFTP) Summit Invitation Letter

During September 4th to 5th, 2019, as the development of China's aviation finance industry ushers in its 10th anniversary, the highly anticipated 8th "China Air Finance Development (DFTP) Summit" will be held at Renaissance Tianjin Lakeview Hotel.

In the past ten years, Dongjiang Free Trade Port Zone of Tianjin (DFTP) has worked with all parties to forge ahead and innovate, and jointly forged a brilliant decade of China's aviation finance. As the birthplace of China's aviation finance, the scale of the leasing fleet in DFTP has exceeded 1,500 aircraft in total, becoming the second largest aircraft leasing hub around the world in a short span of ten years.

Over the past year, although the international economic and financial situation is complex and changeable and the risk events in the global aviation field are frequent, which brings many challenges to the growth of the aviation financial industry, China's aviation finance industry has maintained strong resilience and continues to develop and grow in the course of adjustment and transformation. Entering 2019, various ministries and commissions of the state, Tianjin municipal and supervisory departments at all levels have issued a series of new reform measures, releasing new momentum for the development of China's aviation finance. Policies such as tax and fee reduction, customs supervision of bonded leasing, overseas credit registration of aircraft offshore leasing, facilitation of medium- and long-term foreign debts, and optimization of SPV control mode have been implemented one after another, releasing the reform dividend continuously.

New driving force stimulates new vitality. Looking ahead, internationalization of leasing business, refinement of industrial chain, normalization of asset circulation and facilitation of cross-border financing will lay a solid foundation for the high-quality development of China's aviation finance in the next decade.

Standing at a new starting point, how shall we fully utilize the benefit of policy reform to seek new growth? How to find new market opportunities in the conversion of new and old driving forces? How to strengthen industry collaboration to respond to new market changes? How to optimize asset management to maximize the company's benefits? To discuss these problems in development, we will hold the 8th "China Air Finance Development (DFTP) Summit" as scheduled.

This summit will be focused on "Eyes on the globe, assets in the future - Resail after Decennial of China's Aviation Finance" to comprehensively sum up past experience, exchange new trends in the industry in depth, and extensively explore new paths for the industry. We sincerely invite all colleagues in the industry who are attentive and concerned about the development of China's aviation finance at home and abroad to Tianjin and participate in the grand ceremony!

Administrative Commission of Dongjiang Free Trade Port Zone of Tianjin (DFTP)


Receipt of Attendance

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